Tsar Visit is a sales agency that organizes and sells guided tours and excursions for visitors to Russia. Thanks to Tsar Visit, discover Russia with a professional guide who speaks your native language! 

We offer two types of visits: 

Open groups with pre-organized schedules to visit the most popular and must-see sites in Russia at a reduced admission costs.

Private groups for whom want to discover Russia at their own pace and schedule.

The choice of places you can visit:

Places that must be seen: 

The Kremlin and Red Square in Moscow. The Hermitage in St Petersburg. Moscow or St. Petersburg’s city tours by bus or on foot. Whether this is your first or umpteenth tour, (re)discover the myths and legends of Russia’s history through the historical explanations and commentaries of our professional guides.

The museums: 

We can arrange a specialized tour of the most beautiful museums in Russia, or simply discover Russia’s past at your pace with the best guides!

City Tours: 

You don’t have much time in Moscow? You don’t know where to start in St. Petersburg? Follow your guide! Tours of Moscow and St. Petersburg can be arranged by bus or as walking tours. You will discover the most famous attractions and places of these two capitals. 

Off the beaten path: 

You want to do something unusual on your tour and discover a different Russia? We have selected the monuments and museums for you that are worth the detour from the usual tourist attractions.  

Tsar Visit assures to its clients: 

We will offer you the best tours at the best price.

All of our guides are accredited and well-trained to guide you during your visits.

We offer a ‘money-back guarantee’ if your tour did not meet your expectations; should our guests have a bad experience, we will offer a compensation.