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Moscow | 3 hours
4 Travelers rating
A visit made only for you, your family and friends
Visite Moscou de nuit en minibus sovietique UAZ
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Visite Moscou de nuit en minibus sovietique UAZ
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Visite Moscou by night en UAZ
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Visite Moscou by night en UAZ
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Visite Moscou by night en UAZ | Tsar Voyages
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Get on board a Soviet minibus and discover the Russian capital at night in a unique experience.

Languages availableFrench, English, Russian (choice during check-out)

If you want to (re)discover Moscow, this visit is for you. In a vintage vehicle, a Soviet UAZ minibus, discover the nocturnal face of the Russian capital, illuminated and festive. The warm and friendly atmosphere of the minibus will allow you to enjoy this visit in optimal conditions. You can enjoy drinks (and even some caviar) in the vehicle, and play the music of your choice (or listen to traditional Russian music). 

Our program: 5 stops allowing you to enjoy the most beautiful panoramas of the city, and the discovery of the 12 essential sightseeings of Moscow: The Kremlin and its walls, the brand-new skyscrapers of Moskva City, the panorama in front of Moscow State University... all embellished by the night lights of Moscow.

With your guide, you will learn more about the history of Europe's largest capital city, and many anecdotes will be given as you circulate in the city’s streets. 

Finally, if you wish to continue your evening, your guide will be able to advise you among the best bars in the city, and can even drop you off there. 


  • 3-hour transportation in a soviet minibus UAZ
  • Drinks onboard (beers, champagne, water)
  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off
  • Presence of a guide during the tour
You will see
  • The Kremlin of Moscow
  • The Red Square
  • St Basil's Cathedral
  • The new Zaryadye Park
  • The Sciences Academy
  • Moskva City
  • The Moscow State University
  • The new Arbat Street
  • The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour

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4 Travelers rating
Sadok Ramunbati
First time out of my own country (India) and it was the best tour I could book to start. Lucas was a great guide and very knowledgeable. He has a true passion for the job and his city. This tour was simply unique, I would recommend to anyone who wants something different.
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