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Moscow | 3 hours
5 Travelers rating
A visit made only for you, your family and friends
Voyage Moscou - Palais des Armures
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Voyage Moscou - Kremlin
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Voyage Russie, Moscou - Kremlin - Cathédrales - Clocher d'Ivan le Grand
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Voyage Moscou - Canon du Kremlin
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Kremlin de Moscou - Territoire des cathédrales
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Let your guide lead you to discover one of the most important places of the Russian history and culture - Moscow Kremlin. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Moscow Kremlin is the Russian capital's jewel with its churches, magnificent palaces and fascinating museums. This visit is also the opportunity to discover the Armoury Palace Museum, a unique museum where all the treasures accumulated by princes and Tsars are preserved.

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The ancient residence of the Tsars and the actual seat of political power in Russia, and listed as an UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Kremlin in Moscow is the grandest fortress in Europe.

This architectural collection is home to a number of palaces and cathedrals, of which the oldest dates back from the 15th century. The Cathedral of the Assumption, the ancient site of the coronations of the Tsars and the Emperors of Russia is the most beautiful example. The Kremlin contains 56 sepulchres of Tsars and grand princes, as well as the Tsar Cannon and the Tsar Bell, both of extravagant sizes.

The Armoury Palace itself houses a rich museum where a collection of treasures was accumulated by the princes and the Tsars. Carriages, thrones, costumes, wreaths, and especially the famous collection of Faberge eggs are found in the museum.

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  • A 3-hour guided tour
  • Admission tickets to the Kremlin
  • Admission tickets to the Armoury Palace Museum
You will see
  • Visit of the Kremlin territory (entry through the Koutafia tower)
  • The interiors of the Cathedral of the Archangel Michael, the Cathedral of the Annunciation, and the Cathedral of the Dormition
  • The Patriarch's Palace, and the bell tower of Ivan the Great
  • The exteriors of the Kremlin Grand Palace, the Arsenal, the Congress Palace and the Senate Palace
  • The interiors of the Armoury Palace
  • All the treasures accumulated by princes and Tsars

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5 Travelers rating
Meho Wayne
Beautiful tour with Anna. Thank you
Meho Wayne
Beautiful tour with Anna. Thank you
Jonathan McKinlay
It's the only tour we booked during our stay in Moscow: no regret. Our guide was Maria, and she was very knowledgeable. The tour lasted a bit more than 3 hours, as Maria took the time to answer all of our questions, and that there is a lot to see and talk about! A fantastic experience that we will remember.
Thank you.
Jonathan and Rose.
Kyle McKinlay
We took this tour during a family trip to Russia, and it will remain as the highlight of our stay. The place is absolutely beautiful. Maria was a perfect guide, who took the time to answer all of our questions. I'm glad that I visited such a place with her as a guide. Would recommand. Cheers
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