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Visite Moscou - Gorki Leninskie
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Visite Moscou - Gorki Leninskie
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Visite Moscou - Gorki Leninskie
More pictures
Visit with your guide an area steeped in history a few kilometres from Moscow: Lenin's dacha (country house).

Languages availableFrench, English, German, Spanish, Italian (choice during check-out)

The tour starts with a private transfer in a car from Moscow to Leninskie Gorki, located 20 kilometers from the city

In the village of Gorki, discover with your guide the estate that served as a nursing home for Lenin after his assassination attempt in 1918 by Nelly Kaplan. Later because of his deteriorating health, he settled there permanently until his death in 1924. Before that, Leninskie Gorky had belonged to various noble families since the 18th century. This place is full of histories that will be told by your guide.

He will guide you in this charming museum where you can admire many of Lenin's personal belongings. You can even visit his apartments transferred from the Kremlin (council chamber, private study and Library) to one of the pavilions. You will also visit the garage, a must during any visit to Leninskie Gorki, where you will be able to see Lenin's electric wheelchair or the impressive Rolls Royce with tracks allowing him to circulate in winter. 

The estate also houses a stalovaia (a Russian canteen) where you can find affordable food.

To see the meeting point with your guide on a map, click on this what3words link: ///december.shade.exactly

  • Transport to Leninskie Gorki
  • Guided tour of the estate
  • Access to the museum
You will see
  • Lenin's country house
  • The estate's garage
  • The pavilions of Leninskie Gorki
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