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Voyage Saint-Pétersbourg - Tsarskoe Selo
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Voyage Saint-Pétersbourg - Palais de Pavlovsk
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Voyage Saint-Pétersbourg - Palais de Pavlovsk
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During the one-day visit, travel back in time and let yourself be amazed by the magnificence of the palaces of the czars. The palaces they lived in during the year or the summer residences of the Romanovs will no longer be secrets to you. Enjoy the peaceful surroundings in the parks, and discover the masterpieces adorning the palaces.

Languages availableFrench, English, German, Spanish, Italian (choice during check-out)

Travel back in time and let your guide help you discover the splendors of Imperial Russia. In the day-long tour rich with new discoveries while visiting several palaces, you will learn more about the various Petersburg residences of the Romanovs and the lives of the Imperial family. 

You will begin your day at the Pavlovsk Palace, the summer residence Catherine II gave to the future Paul I. A palace with a facade in shades of yellow with white columns, the palace was built in the unique Palladian architectural style. With your guide, you will tour the interior of the palace, rich with ancient furniture, sculptures, and artistic masterpieces. You will learn more about the palace, designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and also about the brief reign of its owner. Your guide will lead you through the sublime English garden where you can wander through the tree-lined paths of the palace. 

You will then go to the town of Pushkin, formerly called Tsarskoye Selo, to continue your journey into Imperial Russia. 

You will end your day at the sumptuous Catherine Palace, built by the Empress Elizabeth I in honor of her mother. You will discover a palace without equal because the adornments consist of the masterpieces of Czarist Russia. You will learn more about the palace, its history, its occupants and their secrets. As a highlight of the visit, your guide will introduce you to the famous Amber Room presented to Peter the Great.

At the heart of this unforgettable day, you and your guide will dive into Imperial Russia. The discovery of the palaces of St. Petersburg is essential for anyone who loves the history of the Czars or architectural masterpieces!

To see the meeting point with your guide on a map, click on this what3words link: ///elevator.broads.popping

  • A 6-hour tour of different palaces
  • Entrance tickets for the visits to the various palaces
  • Private transportation
  • Private professional guide
  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off
You will see
  • The Pavlovsk Palace
  • Tsarskoye Selo
  • The Catherine Palace

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Krystian Zmokly
Great day spent with Tsar Visit, all was well organised. Our guide was really interesting and taught us a lot about the Tsars and Russia. Very nice.
Betty Franck
So amazing. The whole family was amazed and entertained. So beautiful !!
Thomas Ziegler
The villages and palaces were richly decorated and thanks to the guide we better understood the differences and stories of the palaces. As the weather was good, we also had the great pleasure of visiting the parks and gardens, peaceful heavens not far from the city.
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