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St. Petersburg | 2 hours
2 Travelers rating
A visit made only for you, your family and friends
Saint Pétersbourg - Balade Photographique
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Saint Pétersbourg - Balade Photographique
More pictures
Saint Pétersbourg - Balade Photographique
More pictures
Saint Pétersbourg - Balade Photographique
More pictures
Walking photography workshop for curious beginners and enthusiasts is the best way to learn about Saint Petersburg and take great photos along the way. During a relaxed city tour, you will get inspired by the most beautiful city in Russia, learn to see beautiful lighting, color, contrast, strong points in every shot, and master your composition skills.

Languages availableFrench, English, Russian (choice during check-out)

During this workshop you will get an upgrade of your photographic skills with a personal tutorship, learn to use manual mode without hesitation. With the help of the guide who is also a professional photographer you will have a great opportunity to find the best picture spots and views of St Petersburg to practice the art of photography.

In general, the best time to take photos is just after the sunrise or several hours before the sunset. The weather in Saint Petersburg is very unpredictable and the lighting conditions may change during one day. Though the beautiful sunset skies are not guaranteed, the given weather conditions will be used to the maximum.

Important information:

  • A professional camera is not necessary, a good camera phone is enough to take home great shots.
  • Only small groups (max 4.) or private lessons.
  • Private city tour
  • Photo tutorship from a professional guide-photographer
  • Introduction to camera settings and possibilities
  • Explanations of composition rules
You will see
  • Monuments and places perfectly adaptated for photography practice

Your rating

2 Travelers rating
Freddy Maftoll
Nice tour with a professional that make sure to give very good advices! This visit was a way for us to make a last tour of the city before leaving. We came back with beautiful pictures and nice photos to show to our friends.
Thank you xx
Freddy & Martha
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